Young Arts Young Arts Co-ordinator Sue Punt, Telephone 01509 889589 For events or report for this page please send to Janet Groome Webmaster 01507 462205 NADFAS aims to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of our arts heritage and conservation. There are a number of ways in which this is achieved: Young Arts Group - sponsored by a local Society and embracing ages from 8 to 18. Such a group would be lead by a Society member and involved in arts events held at museums, galleries, village halls, local theatres, etc. A Group may be formed within a School with the agreement of the Headteacher and take part in term-time activities. Young Arts Project - this would be a one-off activity, perhaps performed in conjunction with a school, whereby the children would take part in an artistic exercise. Creation of paintings to decorate common rooms, sculpture for external parts of school grounds, tuition in art appreciation, etc. Local professional artists are often willing to help out, usually for a charge of about £200 - 250 per day. A local Society member would usually be the driving force and organiser. The remit of the projects has now been widened to ask Societies to look at other groups within communities who would benefit from arts projects so the age limit does not apply in these cases. These are prisons, hospitals, groups with mental health issues, adults with learning disabilities and many other examples so we no longer need to apply an age limit. Help and advice is available from The Arts Society along with financial grants when appropriate and very often the local LEA or Arts Organisations will be very willing to support activities involving children. The Arts Society Derby June 2019 The BRYAN Harris Bursary award for 2019 took place in June 2019 at The Joseph Wright College in Derby. The winner of the £400 prize was Grace Hamilton, for her portraits of her siblings as part of her study of finding identity through hair. We have two runner up awards of £100 each to Zeinab Hussein for her ceramic eggs, and Chloe Burton for her work on routine and mental health. All three are off to university this term. Northampton Young Arts June 2018 As their 2018 Young Arts Project, the Arts Society Northamptonshire invited students from the Graphic Communications Faculty at the University to take part in a competition to design a poster which would not only promote their New Name and Logo but also encourage new and younger members to JOIN US. The winning poster was designed by Miss Dayana Deleva, a second year degree student. The winning poster The prize giving
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Grace Hamilton with her portraits of her family. Liz Harris and Jenny Jaggers from Derby Arts Society, and Vikki Fitt after presenting Grace with her award. The competition runners up.